1. Why give to FUV?

We understand that there are families who can afford to pay for their children to attend FUV and there are some families who cannot.

For parents who cannot afford FUV’s tuition and fees, FUV’s need-based financial aid program — which is made possible by the generous contributions of philanthropic donors — will ensure that a student’s financial circumstances do not prevent the student from pursuing an education at FUV.
In the end, our hope is that all of our students will capitalize on the opportunities offered to them at FUV, become good and productive citizens of society, and, in time, pay it forward by supporting the next generation.

2. Stories from our donors:

We believe everyone has their reason to give to Vietnam’s future.

Donor contributions to FUV are also an opportunity to serve as lessons to our students that sharing successes can impact other students and the community.

FUV encourages students to learn and grow from many experiences.

Donor stories are living examples of experiences to learn about maturity, supporting resources, and sharing responsibility towards building a prosperous community.

3. How do I give to FUV?

Give to a particular interest within FUV
FUV has a series of on-going projects and programs that you can support directly.

If you feel your particular interest is rooted in ensuring a diverse class of students attends FUV or that students will have the necessary resources to engage and conduct research, you can give directly to an FUV project/program.

Please read through the various programs in which you can give to directly and follow the instructions of how to give directly to that project/program.

Bank Info

Bank: ACB


Bank No. for VND: 666668818

Bank No. for USD: 666668828

Give directly to FUV
From supporting student’s financial aid packages to making sure FUV’s campus is a center for Vietnamese arts and culture, you can give to FUV and support a wide breadth of programs to enhance the student learning experience.

The best thing is: Giving to FUV can be as little as 100,000 VNĐ (~ 5 USD).

These funds will go towards FUV in general to develop programs most needed or maintain current programs.

Arrange a Meeting with FUV to Speak about Donating
We understand that the best way to give to FUV is to actually meet with the people behind the project and get to know why we are committing our lives to see this university through. If you are interested in giving to FUV and want to meet the people behind the project, please send an email to give@fuv.edu.vn.

In your email, please include the following: Your name, what aspect of FUV you’d like to give to and who, if anyone, you’d like to specifically meet with.

Donations to Fulbright University Vietnam are eligible for tax deductions under Vietnamese law. You may also make a donation that is tax deductible to the fullest extent provided under US law by giving to the Trust for University Innovation in Vietnam, the nonprofit organization that is dedicated to supporting Fulbright University Vietnam.


Thank you for your interest in making a gift to Fulbright University Vietnam.
Please contact us for further information at