Fulbright University Vietnam offers need-based financial aid to enable students, regardless of their ability to pay, to attend Fulbright.

This is a unique approach to financial aid where financial aid packages are solely determined by a student’s financial need and does not take into account academic merit.

While need-based financial aid is a concept that was pioneered in and has a long tradition in the United States, Fulbright is the first university to bring this concept to Vietnam.

Fulbright’s need-based financial aid program is based on two core principles:

  1. Fulbright wants to provide equitable access to the liberal arts education model to enable qualified students from all over Vietnam and across the socioeconomic spectrum the opportunity to attend Fulbright.
  2. Fulbright’s financial aid program reflects our belief that developing a diverse student body enriches the Fulbright student experience.

Fulbright’s need-based financial aid program — which is made possible by the generous contributions of philanthropic donors from Vietnam and the United States — will ensure that a student’s financial circumstances do not prevent the student from pursuing a Fulbright education.


Fulbright’s need-based financial aid packages are solely awarded based on a family’s financial circumstances and does not take into account academic merit.

Our financial aid program operates within the universities available funds. This means that every VND of financial aid offered to an applicant is one VND of financial aid not offered to another applicant.

Thus, Fulbright’s need-based financial aid program can only be successful if applicants are honest and transparent about their financial circumstances.

In order to ensure that this is the case, Fulbright will carefully review and verify your financial aid application.

If at any time — including even after the applicant has enrolled at Fulbright — we find that an applicant has misrepresented their family’s financial circumstances, Fulbright will rescind the applicant’s financial aid package and admission to Fulbright.

Fulbright may, on occasion, follow-up with families which applied for financial aid or check-in with students to support in reapplication towards need-based financial aid as needed.

Finally, we expect all students who receive financial aid to participate enthusiastically in campus life at Fulbright, including maintaining a baseline level of academic performance and upholding the Fulbright Code of Conduct


All students who apply to Fulbright’s Inaugural Year are required to submit Fulbright’s need-based financial aid application. Please refer to the two application processes below:

  1. If your family does not require need-based financial aid to attend Fulbright, we ask that you declare that in writing through the Financial Aid Application form by opting-out.  This means your family is able to pay for your tuition, room and board in full for all four years of your time at Fulbright University Vietnam. You will be required to submit a few documents which help us better understand your financial  circumstances.
  2. If your family does require need-based financial aid to attend Fulbright, you will be required to submit the full  financial  aid application. The application process will ask you to complete the application online and provide documents regarding your families  financial circumstances. Fulbright will review your application and follow-up with you if we have any additional questions. We may request further information or an in-person interview with you and your family if we require further information or clarification.

In order to fill out the application in its entirety, including uploading any required documents, we recommend that you give yourself and your family members plenty of time to work on it and to do the application over a period of time instead of completing it all at once.

Please refer to the financial aid application (which opens October 1, 2018) by clicking here.

If you have any questions, please first visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. If your questions are not answered there, please contact use the following information to contact us:

Email: admissions@fulbright.edu.vn

Phone: +84 28 73 037 788