We’re reimagining the university.In Vietnam. For Vietnam.

The last decades have seen any number of new universities start, across Vietnam and around the world.  Most fall into two categories: replications of existing models, and for-profit institutions that hope to leverage efficiencies while still delivering an acceptable educational product. We think there’s another way. We’re building Fulbright University Vietnam, an entirely new, non-profit university in Ho Chi Minh City.

We’re Vietnamese. And American.

We’re proud to bear the Fulbright name, and share Senator J. William Fulbright’s belief in the power of educational exchange to foster mutual understanding among nations. We’re inspired by the American tradition of liberal education.

But first and foremost, we’re a Vietnamese university. Dedicated to serving Vietnamese society through innovation in teaching, technology, and discovery. We’re also proud to preserve, study, and share Vietnam’s rich cultural heritage.

We’re a start-up.

We’re starting from scratch, with the goal of creating an institution that can transform the lives of young people, address the pressing needs of Vietnamese society, and ultimately point the way toward a new approach to high quality education in developing countries.

We’re laser-focused on creating a transformative educational experience that is accessible to gifted students from around Vietnam, irrespective of their socioeconomic circumstances. We recognize the magnitude of the opportunity and the challenge. While it would be easier to create “yet another university”, this is a once-in- a-lifetime chance to imagine a new approach to higher education from the ground up.